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Oil Lift Technology Diesel Powered Hydraulic Power Unit

KPM K3VL80/B Hydraulic Pump, Wellmax Data Logger & Electronic Controller, Hydraulic Oil Tank & Hosing, 50 Kw. IDR203. Serial No: OLIS – 3521

The motor is an Isuzu 4BG1 which is 4.3L displacement turbo diesel and depending on version is rated for somewhere between 86 and 111hp 

this is an 80cc/rev pump at full displacement  not sure of design speed in this application but that’s approx. 144 L/min at 1800 rpm and  the pump is rated to 320 Bar continuous , but  input power limitations would  reduce pressure to about 1/2 that at full stroke . its variable displacement so a very flexible set up 

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