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Conveyors Elevators and Augers

Second-hand conveyancing systems are varied, they can be used to transfer material 1m to thousands of meters. Great cheap way of moving material that is not liquefied. Conveyors themselves generally run rubber belts but can also run metal for use in hot areas, canvas, etc. Conveyors can transfer ore or materials vertically but require cleats on the belt to capture and hold the material so it doesn’t slide back down the belt. Some different types of conveyors are stringer conveyors and the truss conveyor, all use a drive motor and gearbox

Elevators such as bucket elevators lift material more vertical than horizontal and generally use a type of bucket to lift the material vertically

Augers are confined to a tube so the auger turns inside the tube similar to a drill bit, which then carries the material forward as it screws

Tube conveyors are another way to convey material not widely known or used but they use forward shunting motion which propels the material along a tube. A similar motion that of a vibrating screen uses

Second-hand and used conveying systems are quite common, generally plenty of variations are available although the smaller units such as Sanki conveyors sell quite quickly. A good visual inspection will generally find most faults, but an inspection of gearboxes and motors would be beneficial.

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