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Attritioners are used for cleaning gangue material off particles of ore, for example, clay or iron coatings from grains of sand. They generally run a set of mixing paddles that are robust and can be spun at speed. The ore entering the attritioners must be dense and not too fluid as the sand or ore particles need to rub together to remove the coatings. You probably will find the ore slurry increase in temperature as it passes through the attritioners which is caused by the friction of particles rubbing together. Chemicals can also be added to aid the cleaning process

If purchasing second-hand or used units they can come in single units or in banks of 2 or 4. Things to look out for are the inspection of linings, gearboxes seals are not leaking oil, paddles still have protecting coatings on them, some have bolt-on paddles which can be replaced if worn.

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