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Concentrator and mineral jigs

Concentrators and Mineral jigs are used to separate light ore from heavy ore, some are quite simple in there operation using an up current flow to displace finer or light particles. Some are not so simple using ragging materials to assist the separation process. Some concentrators use centrifugal forces to spin the heavy material away from the finer material. All sounds simple and it generally is as long as you maintain these machines. Good maintenance will increase recoveries.

Second-hand Concentrators come in manual operation and auto styles, the auto units cost a lot more to purchase than their manual counterparts, they come in a range of sizes to meet your throughput requirements. When purchasing a second-hand unit you need to look at the bowls to see how much wear they still have left in them, bearing failure on the main shaft can also be an issue, if purchasing an auto unit ensure the instrumentation is working correctly

Second-hand jigs, once again come in many sizes and shapes and need to be purchased to suit a client’s application. We see all too often clients purchasing this type of equipment and find it was not fit for purpose when they put in their process. Keep an eye of rust with these units, as they normally work in wet environments. Exterior body rust can be repaired easily internal may need more expertise to repair

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