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Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers come in many sizes from the very large down to lab size jaw crushers. What every duty you have there is no doubt a jaw crusher made to suit. Each jaw crusher model will have a size stamped on the side for example 12×10 generally pertains to inches to describe what size feed it can handle. Jaw crushers can also come in a single or double toggle which means the double toggle is probably harder wearing than the single toggle style. Most common jaws crushers can readily be supplied with spare jaws and wear plates.

Second-hand jaw crushers are readily sorted after, we can source most makes either within Australia or outside of our waters. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a second-hand jaw crusher is the type of bearings the swing arm is using. The older style using white metal bearings is very hard to replace these days, I believe they can be converted to roller bearings at a cost. Also, check flywheels for cracks, once again new flywheels can be recast but at a cost.