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Conveyor Tail Drum or Pulley

Conveyor tail pulley or tail drums come in various sizes to suit the width of the conveyor belts. The environment and the liquidity of the ore being transferred will sometimes determine the type of head pulley required. Tail drums can be bare metal or have lagging attached to the drum, different lagging may consist of rubber, soft or hard, grooved, ceramic, ceramic with buttons. The different laggings are used for one example if you are conveying uphill with a wet product, and you will need better traction from the tail drum so the belt does not veer off track, in this scenario a plain steel head drum un-lagged would not be the best option to stop slippage

Purchasing a second-hand head drum is straightforward, in many cases, the head drums we have for sale have been refurbished or are in new condition. Ensure you supply us with the width required, drive shaft dimensions, and type of lagging required and we are confident we can locate a head drum far cheaper than purchasing a new unit

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