Product Categories

Vibrating screens

Different types are

Scalping (generally wire mesh panels, short decks)

Sizing (Can be multiple decks and multiple screen material, woven wire, polyurethane, rubber)

Dewatering (Generally single deck screens have fine aperture slots)

All do the same thing, generally different duty

Other variations are

The diagram shows the exciter (yellow central tube) and driven by an external motor on belts, other types may have the exciters on top of the screen deck or either on sides or underneath

Horizontal or incline – body brackets fixed horizontal or at an incline as per this diagram

Screen attachment can vary, this diagram shows tension rails (clamp bars), others may include polyurethane or rubber panels that use a pin and lock system.

Always check the deck frame (blue) can wear through if protective rubbers have worn away.

The screen should have a nameplate

Will need screen deck measurement