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Screw classifier

Screw classifiers have been used for quite some time in the mining industry, they are generally installed on an incline so for example the sand being processed is corkscrewed up to a discharge while in the lower reaches there is a bath of water that washes the sand of silts and clays and discharges down the lower reaches. Very slow turning very easy to use and a good way to clean material of finer floating particles.

Purchasing a second-hand or used screw classifier is a fairly simple task, make sure the screw can be turned by hand then you know the bearings are in good condition. They only use small electric motors to turn the screws and can be easily replaced if not working. Check that the bath has no holes in it, in most cases the baths are rubber lined to avoid wear. The screw-in some cases have urethane blades attached to the outer surface of the screws to also avoid excessive wear.

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