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Title: DRILL RIG 2000 QXR(@) CUBEX



2000 Excellent Engine Model:

Upgraded From 3406 to Caterpillar C15 (525hp)

Compressor Model: Sullair 900cfm / 350psi

Two Stage Screw Compressor Main Hydraulic Pumps Model: Rexroth A10 Cooler Pack Model:

Mesabi Twin Cooler Vertical (side by side) Cooler Fans:

Twin Multi Wing Hydraulic Driven with Outboard Load Carrier Bearing Assemblies Cabin:

Fully Enclosed Air Conditioned Cabin with Electric over Hydraulic Joystick controls,

KAB adjustable seat, Analogue Gauges & Pilot operated Hydraulic Tramming Mast:

Cubex Rotary Head modified to full RC with twin hydraulic drive motors, top mounted RC sample air swivel, Blow up/down unit & Deflector box, Hose Reel Custom made low maintenance hose reel assembly on V Rollers,

Carousel Hydraulic Rod Changer Unit with 6 x 6mtr rod capacity (36mtr) with 4? Metzke RC Rods. Sampling System:

Metzke Cyclone Arm Short Hydraulic/Air operated, 1200cfm Cyclone with cone splitter,

Hydraulic operated Knife valve, Air operated trap doors, Twin sample shute with waste dump pipe Level bubble,

Isolation E-stop for Cyclone only with Machine E-stop mounted on Short Arm Mount,

Wired Pendulum Hand Control Unit Track Frame:

Caterpillar 330CIPI



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