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Thickener Drive assemblies supplied on order

Looking for a Drive assembly for thickeners / clarifiers?
At present we do not have any secondhand units for sale but we can supply a no obligation free quote from a world wide distributor that will meet all your needs.
Sedimentation Drives Features The drive head is the heart of the Clarifier mechanism.
The present design of our clients Drive heads is a result of careful study and experience gained over 35 years of operating with sedimentation equipment in various Chemical Industries, Water Treatment Plants, Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plants under severe operating conditions
Engineered bases for rigid support
Large gear face
Oil bath lubrication
Fully supported one-piece pinions
Deep oil reservoir
Independent main gear and bearing
Precision machined mounts and registers for all bearings
Local and remote torque indicator and overload protection
Allowance for lift capability.
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Australian goods and services tax will apply if purchased for use in Australia

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