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Vice & Ram Tube End Finisher 2 axis

Title: Vice & Ram Tube End Finisher 2 axis



Good This 2 axis hydraulic vice and ram type end finishing machine was designed to perform tube flaring and other operations on tube up to 40mm stainless.

Its clamping axis could also be used for a wide range of crimping and swaging operations.

It includes 2 hydraulic rams the hoses ,its 2 sets of directional control valves are missing on this unit but they are still in place on the other one I have for sale;

It is not currently fitted with a hydraulic pump or reservoir. Several sets of tooling are included.

The machine is 1050mm long 790mm deep including the tooling rack the top of the control box is 1500mm high. Im not sure the exact bore size and stroke of the rams however the cylinder body?s external dimensions are 115 x 320mm for the horizontal axis and 245 x 127mm for the vertical axis so that should give you a pretty good idea.

A forming lube oil delivery system is included as are number of limit switches, inductive proximity sensors, hydraylic pressure switches, pneumatic valves and rams etc to facilitate full automation, it is also guarded although I removed the guards to take most of these photographs. Its sequencing capacity was external PLC but its control panel, located in SA



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