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MISC, UL 1275 - High Pressure Pump 206-741 Pneumatic Graco Bulldog

Title: High Pressure Pump 206-741 Pneumatic Graco Bulldog

Price: $1,550.00


Good A 40:1 ratio pump.The pump comes on a wheeled trolley with Graco Model 206?450 pneumatic lift and a graco INDUCTOR PLATE 206?747 for extruding highly viscous fluids from a 20L open top drum. The gun is a Graco MODEL 207?945 suitable for sealer application. All the regulators, filters, oilers, and control valves pictured are included. This pump is currently set up with a priming piston type foot valve and is suitable for pumping highly viscous liquids (50,000+ cps) such as grease, mastic, glue, sealer, silicon, thick paint etc These pumps are also used in airless spray systems, high pressure washer systems, high pressure chemical transfer and bunch of other industrial applications they are capable of pressures up to 5000PSI and flow rates up to 8L / min. Located SA



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