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Have an assortment of Hella Work Lamps and Beacons for sale.
All brand new in boxes. Selling for between 25-40% of retail price.
Will discount further for multiple purchases, all offers considered.
Over $25000 worth of gear, sell the lot for $5000 if you want it all.
Part numbers and quantities
HMADX35WBD x3 $1300rrp, selling $500
HMADX35NBD x1 $1300rrp, selling $500
HM1512WB x3 $1600rrp, selling $600
HM1512NB x3 $1600rrp, selling $600
HM9386YEL4A x1 $1500rrp, selling $600
HM9386YEL2A x1 $900rrp, selling $250
HM95903700 – Red x4 $525rrp, selling $100
HM95903710 – Amber x4 $525rrp, selling $100
HM95903760 – Blue x4 $690rrp, selling $100
HM95903780 – Green x4 $770rrp, selling $100

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