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EL Jay/Cedarapids 54 Roller Cone : Refurbished for sale


Refurbished cone in very good condition:

A summary of work done on cone crusher are as follows:

Cone head fully dismantled and assembled. Excellent condition
Wedge plate fully dismantled and assembled. Replace upper radial bearing outer race with very good condition second hand. Fully inspected all bearings and repaired lower thrust bearing cage. Excellent condition.
Clamp cylinders fully dismantled and resealed. Had to replace various parts. Will send pictures with parts used report at end of job
Currently dismantling base frame, pinion housing, wedges, oil pump and cleaning out sump then rebuilding.
Removed sump plates
Removed pinion housing. Bearings all good.
Clutch, brake bar, floating plate and brake shaft as new.
No oil pump was in the machine. Fitting external oil pump and modifying pinion housing to suit external lube pump. This is a much better set up than original.
Removed and cleaned pinion housing labyrinth seals. These are like brand new.
Removed all clamp wedges unlocking pins and cleaned.
Cleaned base frame and sump ready for assembly.
As previously mention the machine once rebuilt will be in excellent condition.

Remaining Work To Be Done :

Mounting the oil pump and motor.
Mounting the oil filter and flow switch.
Connecting the above items with hydraulic hose
Removing and fitting the bowl liner and pouring backing compound
Filling the machine with approx. 90 litres 220 machine oil.
Fitting the Jacking and clamp cylinders that were just sent.
Charging the Tramp Iron Relief system to pressure.
Painting the machine.

Transport Info:

Base Frame 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.6 high and weighs 11 ton

Upper Assembly 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 high weighs 6.3 ton

Pallet 1.2 x 1.2 x .6 high weighs 1 ton


Located in Western Australia

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