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Looking for a Disk Filter?
At present we do not have any secondhand units for sale but we can supply a no obligation free quote from a world wide distributor that will meet all your needs.

Features of Disk Filter Filter Drives: Large, heavy-duty cast iron worm gear drive with steel or bronze worm running in an oil bath.
Sectors and Sector Clamps
Sectors can be specified for application requirements to optimize filter performance
Quick and easy sector removal and replacement
Materials of construction to select from.
Sector clamps interlock each disc of sectors.
Rubber covered steel ferrules with integral gasket
Optional disc wash down pipe manifold with spray nozzles Filter Valves
Rotating Paddle shaft design maintains homogeneous slurry providing uniform cake thickeners which results in lower moisture and higher production
Filter Tank
Fabricated steel tank is fully supported by external frame thereby eliminating tank distortion during transportation and installation.
Feed manifold delivers the slurry directly into filter tank between discs which provides even deed distribution thereby eliminating plugging and build up of solids in feed trough
Central Barrel
Heavy Cast Iron / fabricated barrel with flanged sections accommodates any operating requirement and ensures long barrel life with excellent hydraulic capacity.
Multiple options for center barrels accommodates any operating requirement.
Multiple feed to one unit
External drainage pipes mounted around centre-shaft
Maximum efficiency and Minimal maintenance
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Australian goods and services tax will apply if purchased for use in Australia

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