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Looking for a Dewaxing and Deoiling Filter?
At present we do not have any secondhand units for sale but we can supply a no obligation free quote from a world wide distributor that will meet all your needs.
Solvent oil dewaxing and deoiling filters are designed for the safe, high capacity removal of wax from lubricating oils at low operating temperatures.
Totally enclosed and sealed construction
Positive seal of the valves
Rigid support construction of the tank
Screen support deck construction and spring mounted Teflon scraper which maintains preset position and is not affected by temperature variations are major features.
These units can be instrumented and automated for continuous processing
The filter consists of several major components:
Vapor tight tank and hood
Internal rotating drum
Master control valve
Cake washing assembly
Wax deflector
Wax discharge scroll

Please contact Minegraveyard for full details.

Australian goods and services tax will apply if purchased for use in Australia


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