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CABINET, UL 1286 - Distribution Board 1600A Dist Board

Title: Distribution Board 1600A Dist Board

Price: $56,000.00


Excellent This was the main LV distribution board for a small substation in a petrochemical plant. It is of modern design and flexible configuration. This board is rated at 1600A per phase continuous, was built by Universal Motor Kontrol P/L and is rated for 50 kA fault current for 1 second. The main incoming feed is protected by an APP SACE E2 MTP 2000A programmable air circuit breaker (I also have available a matching spare breaker.) There is also provision for manual changeover to a second incoming generator feed; this functionality is protected by mechanical key interlocks. The output section consists of 10 withdrawal cassette type CT and switchgear chambers. Of the 8 smaller chambers 7 are loaded with 250A switch mechanisms and CT?s / current metering for all 3 legs. The 2 larger drawers at the bottom have 600A rated components. The incoming feed and 4 of the outgoing sub feeds are equipped with networkable ION 7330 electronic power metering. The cable management is arranged so that the connections can be from the top or bottom of the unit. Note that in its installed state all cable came through the top of the unit. Where they penetrated is a 6mm thick solid brass plate running the full length of the switchboard



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