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Western Australia’s wheatbelt town of Narrogin is home to an innovative project – THE INTEGRATED WOOD PROCESSING (l W P) DEMONSTRATION PLANT – that addresses global warming and farmland salinity; two of Australia’s most pressing environmental concerns.

The demonstration plant will trial the co-production of renewable electricity activated carbon and eucalyptus oil from locally planted mallees. The production of three products at the one plant is designed to facilitate commercially competitive operation of future commercial plant. The demonstration plant will be commissioned from first quarter of 2005 and operate for a three-month “proofof-concept” phase.

What docs the I WI)plant do?
The plant uses modern fluidised bed technology developed by CSIRO, to convert the wood into charcoal and then to “activate” the charcoal to convert it to activated carbon. Activated Carbon is used in air and liquid purification. The CSIRO technology is specifically designed to recover heat from the carbonising of wood.

Oil will be distilled from the leaves and the spent leaves will be ” gasified” to produce fuel for the boiler. Heat from both processes will be used to generate electricity. Initially the oil will be used in the pharmaceutical market, currently dominated by imports. It will also be used to pioneer its use as a safe, environmentally friendly industrial solvent. Process
licencers, Enecon Pty Ltd, will be working with Western Power, which holds the rights to commercialise the CSIRO technology, on the design and construction of the plant.

Biomass Feed 20 000 tonnes annum
Electricity 7.5 GWh/annum
Activated Carbon 90 tonnes/annum
Eucalyptus Oil 210 tonnes/annum
Plant Design
Ceneration Plant
1 MW Steam Turbine
Carbonising Plant Fluidised Bed
Distillation Plant Steam Distillation
Spent Leaf Combustor
Greenhouse Gas Abatement
Renewa e Energy Generation
Rootmass Fixation 300 tonnes/annum
Standing Biomass Fixation 54,000 tonnes

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